Section 3 of the Business Solutions Agreement

Hi I’ve received the below today.

I have requested the video interview. Does anyone know what’s involved and how many documents I need to hand? The email is very vague. I have had my account 6 years with very few problems. My account health rating is 1000.

Many thanks.

Dear Seller,

Your Amazon selling account will be deactivated on 09/14/2023 in accordance with Section 3 of the Business Solutions Agreement if you do not follow the procedure outlined below. Funds will not be transferred to you but will stay in your account while we work with you to address this issue. Additionally, you will be unable to create removal orders for the inventory present in Amazon Fulfillment Centers during this time. Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement can be found at (removed)

Why is this happening?

We have taken these measures because we believe that your account is offering items that are unsuitable and may have been used to engage in deceptive or illegal activity that harms our customers, other selling partners, and our store. Our unsuitable inventory policy can be found here: (removed)

How do I verify my identity and verify my inventory supply chain?

To verify your identity and supply chain verification for your inventory you need to complete virtual identity verification over a video interview. To reserve a time slot for the interview, fill out the form here:

After we receive your response on this form, we will invite you for the interview on one of your preferred time slots, 48 hours before the interview. After your verification interview is complete, we will review the results and respond with the outcome within 5 business days.

What happens if I do not sign-up for virtual identity and supply chain verification?

Your account will be deactivated if we do not receive a request through the above form within 14 days of notification, After 90 days following this notification, you may separately request a funds disbursement by contacting (removed) We will conduct a separate investigation to evaluate your account and if we find that you have engaged in deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity; or have abused our systems or repeatedly violated our Policies that protect our customers and selling partners, we may withhold some or all funds in your account.

We’re here to help

If you have questions about the information requested above or if you believe the this email has been sent in an error, please contact us by following the instructions in the banner on the top of your Account Health page.

Thank you


Hello @Chcsupplies,

thank you for posting into our forum. @mxamxulhaq1 is currently experiencing this very same issue. They received a notification about account review and video interview and are preparing for it.

Normally, you should provide Amazon as many invoices and authorization letters as you can put together. They will also want a photo ID to verify your identity.

I think that @Akmal can help you as he is dealing with reinstatements.

Here is the thread by @mxamxulhaq1 regarding the matter:



If your account which has 1000 health is not safe.
What chance do we have?

I believe this was was by done some automated bot, which just sent this mail to everyone, a random check.

However, the email I received was a bit different.

However the suspicion of counterfeit product is also in the mail I received.

Hi @mxamxulhaq1 do you have a date for your interview? I requested 3 days but have not heard anything yet. The first date is in less than 48 hours so im guessing it won’t be that date

I have not submitted my documents.

I’m preparing a good solid appeal. In it, I’ll mention the need for an interview to clarify myself.


What’s the update on your account?

I have heard nothing from Amazon with a date and it is now less than 48 hours from my latest selection

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So, there wasn’t a verification call yet?

They haven’t been in contact with a date and my latest date selection was Tuesday 12/09 at 10:00am so less than 48 hours away

Just had my call. They got in touch last night at 8:30PM for a call at 11:00AM this morning. It is Olay products that they required invoices for. I didn’t have them to hand as it isn’t something that I sell a lot of. I’ve only sold 450 over the past year. So I have rearranged another call where I will have the invoices for these products and hopefully that will be the end of it

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So, did they tell you the brand name in advance or were you actually in the middle of the call when they asked you for the Olay invoices?

I was in the middle of the call. I had no brand info prior to the call. I sell so few of them it wasn’t one of the invoices I had to hand so they decided to reschedule the call. The earliest date is 6th October the. 17th October and 29th October for the next call although he assured me my account won’t be suspended in the mean time

Sounds good :ok_hand: So it appears like the whole authenticity verification works on this principle that they give you a task and a deadline.