Who pays shipping cost for Amazon FBA orders?


to the people that do FBA, does Amazon ship it for free or do they charge you the shipping cost?

If yes what’s your average shipping fee in usa only ?

NOTHNG that Amazon does for sellers is free. Understand that and you’ll do fine.

Amazon will charge you the fulfilment cost that is publicised in their rate card. Search for it for your region. There is no average fee. It all depends on the weight and size of the item. We don’t know what you are selling so how can we advise?

You need to include this cost in your selling price.

Amazon will not charge prime customers any shipping but they will charge an extra fee for non-prime customers. Clever huh?


Yes, they will charge you to ship FBA orders and you will have to bear return expenses as well

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Amazon does not charge sellers for shipping costs when using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Instead, sellers pay FBA fulfillment fees, which cover the costs of picking, packing, shipping, and storing their products. These fees are based on the product’s size, weight, and product category.

The average FBA fulfillment fee in the USA is between $3.22 and $4.37 for standard-sized products and between $9.73 and $179.28 for oversized products. However, the actual fee will vary depending on the specific product.


With FBA, Amazon handles shipping within the US, but charges fees for it, including storage and fulfillment. Shipping costs vary based on the size and weight of your products; average fees depend on your specific items.

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Thanks for the info guys