When buying an FBA item, can the seller see your personal information (name, address) if you leave a Review?

If yes, where can I find this information?

Yes. Not on the review, but on the original order

No. It’s possible to cross reference your public profile with the data points available to the seller like the city state zip asin etc in the fulfillment reports plus some google power. It would look like something from spy or heist movies and this is even a fulltime job for some people.

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If you leave them negative feedback they can get a court order and amazon has to comply and provide all relevant information regarding the negative the buyer left for the seller.


How do you know this? Has it ever happened?

It’s court orders in general. Amazon has to provide whatever information that law requires. Unless they miraculously lose the data.


I agree that you can get a court order to retrieve the identity of a publisher.

The whole process is quite short.

You file a lawsuit complaint at the Superior Court of Washington and Amazon will have the option to object the provision of the data, just like the publisher.

If none of the parties objects, you will be provided with the data.

However, it can get tricky if either Amazon or the publisher objects.

Further, the seller would have to be willing to spend some $10000 or more just on the attempt to retrieve the identity of the publisher.