What happens to FBA fees when you get a customer return?

Do you refund the full sale price to customer from your balance or amazon refunds their fba fees back to you?

I listed a product with only one seller (low selling product), and someone bought all my inventory and then returned it after a couple of days. Amazon has deducted all from my balance. Has anyone faced similar situation?

That is how it works, pretty sure amazon kept all the fees out of the refund.


Why should they refund the fba fees? They provided a service so you pay. Just like if you post something to a customer. At least you don’t pay for the return cost back to the fc (I think).

You do get a refund of the referral fee minus a small charge that Amazon keeps.


This is correct. Everytime Amazon issues a refund, you get around 80% of the Amazon fees refunded, however any postal or return charges are not included in the credits. You need to account these as the cost of doing business.