Using Amazon inventory to fulfill TikTok shop orders

Hey everyone,

got stock on amazon but wanted to start selling on tiktok. Can I do MFc ?

Also is it a good idea or better create removal and ship it myself?

Of course. This is what MCF does, it enables you to fulfil orders sold on other channels.

No point in that, you will be paying for removal AND shipping to customer.

Just remember that MCF can be very expensive, depending on your location and customer address.


\ 1. Merchant Fulfillment (MFN): You can fulfill orders from TikTok by using the Merchant Fulfillment Network (MFN). This means you’ll handle the packing, shipping, and delivery of orders yourself, rather than using Amazon’s fulfillment services. MFN allows you to maintain control over the fulfillment process and potentially save on fulfillment fees.
2. Remove and Ship Yourself: Another option is to remove your inventory from Amazon and ship it yourself directly to customers who purchase through TikTok. This gives you full control over the shipping process and allows you to customize packaging and branding to align with your TikTok sales strategy.


Yes, MCF has higher costs for Amazon to ship to customers. The problem with creating a removal is the delivery time, as removals can take anything from a few days to weeks depending on Amazon and the time of year.


I do not see why this would be any problem.

I heard people do MCF with TikTok shop orders… neither do I see any issue with it.

Be very careful sharing personal information with TikTok. Set up separate accounts so your business is not exposed.