Third party branding on bundled products boxes


if I bundle something in a box - doesn’t matter if that box is from U-Haul, does Amazon repackage in their packaging or do they care if my box says U-Haul, UPS, FedEx or any of that stuff on it?

Thank you

Do you mean that the item box is like that? If that’s the case, Amazon doesn’t care, they will despatch the item in that box. It won’t look very professional but that’s your decision.

You need to make sure there are no readable barcodes on the box that might confuse the scanners.

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You could use it, however, be ready for all the hate that will be flying your direction. If your competitor is doing a “test buy” you will get the entire gamut of hate spewed at your account. An activist buyer will attack you and claim it is fake, an online bully will say it was used. Or they can use what ever else is convenient.

In other words, don’t set your self up or an online attack. Go to uline and get an appropriate box, pay attention to your target demographic. If you are selling tools to men a plain brown box is fine. If you are selling stuff to ladies make sure the package is extremely nice and has panache.


They might not care, but the buyers will. An old and/or obviously used box is totally unprofessional. Not the type of thing they’d expect from an Amazon Professional seller. Where our packaging prompts positive feedback, your packaging could net you just the opposite.

As @skeeter says, get some get appropriate boxes Uline. That’s what we do. While you’re there, pick up a roll of Ready to Ship labels.


They are actually a nice neon orange color, and also come in a smaller size. Affix them in a place they couldn’t be missed. This way, Billy in the warehouse won’t tear your boxes apart to get to the contents.


Amazon will repack it if your box contains any brand names etc.