Shouldn't Amazon cover late deliveries, when I use Amazon fulfillment?

I noticed that refunds are being issued out of my seller account balance:

I believe that Amazon should issue a compensation if the units aren’t returned within 45 days past refund date.

Amazon FBA buyers can request a refund anytime and Amazon will refund them.

I would suggest guidance from @FunkyMonkey as to who pays for the postage.


When it says “adjust my account accordingly” I’m paying the refund or no?

Is there an option to opt out of this? I’ve been losing money daily.

If it says “adjust my acct accordingly,” it means that the refund will be deducted from your account balance.

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Of course you are paying for the refund. But, you’re getting the item back so you can sell it again.

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Thanks. Does this mean that Amazon already received the product back or it’s still with the buyer and maybe they won’t return it?

When your item is returned, it will be posted in the FBA Customer Returns report. You can view a list of returned FBA purchases in the FBA Customer Returns report. When a customer returns an item, Amazon assess the condition (disposition) of the returned item and then process the return based on the condition.

If the customer doesn’t return the item within 60-days, Amazon should charge the customer, and reimburse you for the order…

For more information about FBA returns processing and policies, go to FBA customer returns policy.


You should be happy if you get your product back intact and sell it to someone else. It could be worse…

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For FBA orders, buyers can request a return (and receive a full refund) as soon as the order gets shipped (and no reason has to be stated).

Just, in most cases they will eventually keep the item, so you will be reimbursed.


Thank you

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You’re welcome.

It pays to keep an eye on the refunds to make sure the items not returned won’t “fall through the cracks.”

Best wishes…