Refunds and replacement on FBA orders

Good day, everyone.

A customer applied for a refund a few weeks ago because she received a damaged product. I am doing FBA, and although Amazon has refunded her, my question is: Why do I bear the loss? Amazon is responsible for delivery if I’m not wrong.

On my second order, it’s mentioned ‘replacement.’ Why does it mean that? Anybody, please explain.

Thank you.

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You can open a case through Seller Central. Since it’s an FBA sale, yes Amazon is responsible for the fulfifillment process. Last time I did that for a similar case, they told to wait until 60 days after the return date. I guess the idea is that Amazon should take care it within 60 days, and if it doesn’t, then contact them again. You could set a reminder for yourself to review the status of returns older than 60 days once a month. You can also check the status of any reimbursements on Seller Central.

Keep in mind that any business will have some margin of loss, whether due to damage, customer returns, etc. We all try to keep it as low as possible, but it happens. Try to keep it in proper perspective by focusing on the bigger picture, and don’t get too lost in the details of smaller issues.