Refund reason: Order not received


I’m facing many refunds becuse of “order not received” though i’m doing FBA and very well aware from Amazon FBA and reimbursement policies but still it’s very painful and hard to absorb many refunds when you have just few Skus and you’re a new seller.

Though ive already told and emailed my matter to customer representative but still asking is there any solution or way out ?

This can be frustrating and challenging to absorb these losses. What did the Rep tell you?

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Unfortunately, in this day and age, many of those shipments were received. But Amazon customers know how to work the system.

When you joined the FBA platform, you turned customer service over to Amazon. For FBA orders, the Buyer-Seller Messages service is for product inquiries only.

FBA customer service

You need to let them handle it.


Thank you. Is it true that Amazon will reimburse me the monies if the product isn’t sent back by the customer?

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You’re welcome, and best wishes.