Random stock appearing on out of stock listings

Quick question. Iv sold out of stock ages ago. And don’t plan on restocking . But randomly

I’ll get 1

In stock then sell then randomly another 1 will go In stock.

I’m guessing this is lost stock by amaoxn or somthing. How do I keep track that amazon is looking after my stock as if they loose stock that’s my

It seems like there might be some residual stock in Amazon’s inventory that is being sporadically released for sale. To ensure Amazon is taking care of your inventory properly, regularly monitor your product listings and inventory levels on the Amazon seller dashboard. Communicate with Amazon’s seller support to report any discrepancies or concerns about lost stock, ensuring they are aware of the issue and can address it promptly. Keeping a close eye on your stock levels and maintaining open communication with Amazon will help safeguard your inventory and prevent potential losses.


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some times it comes from an old order being returned back to sellable inventory. I have also had out of stock products showing as 1 tho. Normally it drops back down to 0 after a day or 2