Order was 15 hours ago, still pending?


I made my first FBA sale 15 hours ago, shows as pending.

When are funds released to my balance so that then I can withdraw them to my bank?

Another question I have is, once I withdraw funds. If the FBA buyer has an issue with the product. Amazon don’t come to me to take funds back?

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Hi @Tara

Congratulations on your first order. It will stay in Pending status until the product ships, or the order is canceled. There are several reasons why orders are pending. This article will help you understand why.

Pending Orders

To find out when your funds will be released. The Payments FAQ will tell you the exact day Amazon will transfer funds to your account.

Payments FAQ

If a customer returns your product, for example, the amount of the order and a refund administration fee will be deducted from your seller account. At this point, Amazon should not take money from your bank account.


Thank you for your help, the sale already went through :wink:


@Tara you’re welcome. I wish you the best.