Not Authorized We don’t have a seller account associated with that email address

Hi @Kika , as per your advice, I open this new topic.
Please kindly check and let me know if you know how to fix it.

I recently created a seller account.
I passed verification stage 1 and managed to list some items for sale.
Before the issue happened, I haven’t sold or bought anything from my account yet.

It started with an email from Amazon:

and when I tried to login, this error message shown up:
I followed the instruction to call Amazon support number and they said they can only help with buyer part, they cannot do anything with seller account.
The staff managed to help me be able to login to as a buyer
but when I redirect the browser to
then this [NOT AUTHORIZED] message appeared.
My store name still shows at the top bar:

When checking from buyer account, my store and listings are still in active condition.
I got orders waiting to be sent out and Amazon still send me email to ask for compliance documents for my listings so my account is not in suspension or restriction status for sure.

I tried to open case by raising tickets without logging in seller account buy using both links:
but only got no or irrelevant responses.

In addition, I cannot approach any function on seller central, I cannot reply seller support email from [CASE MANAGEMENT] function.
Every time I reply to an email from Amazon, I have no choice but to open a new case.
I am so desperate now, 1 order was cancelled, 2 more might soon to be cancelled as well if I cannot fix this issue.

If anyone experienced the same situation and got things solved, please help.
Thanks a lot.

Hello @buddyhehe,

sorry for the delay in responding! Have you used any virtual assistants to access your new account?

This kind of deactivations happens when you suddenly login from a different device or in a different country - they suspect unauthorized access.

This also often happens when you change banking details from a different device or internet connection.