Need advise about restriced product

No @Kika , we immediatelly delete the product for witch one we receive notification. Then we heck our catalogue and delete all items that we source from this manufacturer. All similar items were deleted without notification. We continue to sell only the products from our own brands until we were suspended.

Now we prepare invoices and SDS documents for this product.


Is this mean to write a PoA for Restricted product violation or something else ?

@Kika I also have this options:

Your explanation should include the following information:
– How your account has not violated the Amazon Restricted Products policy
– Evidence that shows that your account complies with the Amazon “Restricted Products” policy

but nobody can explain to me is this a POA or Free text ? I contact seller support and they tell me that they cannot tell me what I have to write.

May I have your assistance ?
Thank you in advance

But are the products sold under your own brand also related to CBD? The warning was not linked to other brands, but a whole product category. You should have removed everything.

So, this really indicates that you continued selling similar products, because they are not giving you a chance to say that you will stop selling restricted products. They will only reinstate you if you prove that your items were not restricted.

Thank you very much for your answer @Kika . In this case maybe we have to delete our entiry catalogue, and write a PoA. For requested product in the notification we can provide SDS showing that it is not a drug and invoices from manufacturer. But if there are a related items, how i can know about witch one they ask for evidence ? Is it enought to delete all my items and confirm in PoA that i will startadding ASIN from ZERO ?

As you can see from the deactivation communication, they are not offering you the option to delete your catalogue, they just want evidence that your account hasn’t violated the policy.

But if the product contains CBD and it is a drug, then the documents won’t be accepted. Do you have any title or information about the product which you could share here?

@Kika this is the name:

Pommade naturelle soins de douleurs articulaires

Herbal ointment with hemp oil. We have a THC level statement from the manufacturer of the hemp oil. We also have a SDS document for the ointment confirm that it is a cosmetic skin care product with CPNP Registration number.

I understand that it will be quite difficult or impossible to save my account. But I don’t want to give up without trying everything and that’s why I’m asking for your help.

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Amazon prohibits the sale of any CBD products. This means that they will ignore any certificates or documents proving other aspects of the product.

You have received warnings and options to remove similar listings.

If your entire business model revolves around the sale of products containing cannabis, then you need to rethink, whether you are willing to find completely different inventory and then appeal by stating that you won’t sell any such products again.

Thank you very much for this explanation @Kika

At this moment I am unable to add new products to my inventory because the profil is deactivated.
Do you think that i can write a POA, following your advice to start working with new inventory - completely different and provide them invoice for this inventory ?

Or if you have an idea how to do it I would be grateful to read your advice.

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Yes, you should write a Plan of Action stating that you will be getting a new inventory.

Here is an example Plan of Action, but don’t copy it:

Thank you very much @Kika
If I succesully appeal the restriction I will share my PoA here for other customer.

I have one last question, when we appeal our account deactivation there are an option for adding this:

  • Supporting evidence for the explanation above, including but not limited to invoices, receipts, orders or emails.

For example this could be invoices for another brand that we want to sell and withc one do not break this policy or something else ?

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Yes, of course. Just be careful and don’t copy the Plan of Action in full. Address your specific situation.