Master pack vs Inner pack; How to configure shipment to FBA?

Newbie here.

Im setting up a new item and I’m having trouble figuring out how to configure how it is packed when setting up a shipment to FBA.

For Example:
The item has 2 variations (Size and Count)

Ignoring the first variation in size, Im trying to figure out how to set up the count variation correctly for a FBA inventory shipment.

-Item will be sold in 1,000 pack and 200 pack.
-Item master case (case shipping into FBA) is the 1,000 pack.
-the master case contains five 200 packs.

When setting up the parent item I set it up as sticker less as the individual boxes inside the master pack have their own GTIN barcode vs the GTIN barcode on the master pack.

When setting up the shipment to FBA, how to I tell amazon that I am shipping them in the 1,000 count master pack and they can be sold as the whole master pack or they can break the pack and sell individually as the 200 count pack.

Essentially, I am shipping them to FBA in 1 SKU (1,000 pack) and that pack contains 5 qtys of another SKU (200 pack)

So essentially I am selling as a set (5 packs of 200) and as individual (200 pack)

How do I enter this information?


I suggest you first read this excellent article about how to configure case pack shipments to FBA.

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I will give it a look, thank you!