Case pack IS the ASIN. How to ship it in to FBA

I made an ASIN that IS a case pack of 48 units. I am quite familiar with how to ship in a case pack when selling the inner units as their own ASIN. But I would like to ship this case pack as the shipping unit. Seller support can not understand my question or perhaps I am not being clear.

I have already shipped these in with 4 case packs to a shipping box. I labeled the “units” (the case packs) with a “do not separate” label and everything worked great. They were received at FBA and are selling. But this isn’t efficient for larger quantities.

Now I would like to ship these where the unit IS the shipping box. Can I just slap the shipping labels on the unit along with the “do not separate” label (and the proper barcode) and send it in that way?

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Yes, it is possible to ship the case pack itself as the shipping unit, rather than shipping the individual units within the case pack. However, it is important to ensure that you comply with Amazon’s packaging and labeling requirements.

Here’s a general guideline you can follow:

  1. Packaging: Use a sturdy and durable shipping box that can safely contain and protect the case pack during transit. Ensure that the packaging is appropriate to withstand the rigors of shipping.
  2. Labeling: Apply the necessary shipping labels, including the FBA shipping label and any carrier-specific labels, directly onto the case pack. Additionally, include the “do not separate” label to clearly indicate that the case pack should not be separated into individual units. Make sure the labels are securely attached and easily visible.
  3. Barcode: Each unit within the case pack should have its own unique barcode. If the case pack itself has a barcode, you will need to provide the corresponding ASIN or FNSKU for that specific case pack.
  4. Compliance: Double-check that your packaging and labeling comply with Amazon’s requirements. You can refer to Amazon’s Seller Central for specific guidelines on packaging and labeling requirements for shipping case packs.

It’s worth noting that some products may have specific requirements or restrictions regarding packaging and shipping, so it’s always a good idea to review Amazon’s guidelines and reach out to Seller Support if you have any doubts or need further clarification.

By adhering to the packaging and labeling requirements, you can ship the case packs as the shipping unit, allowing for more efficient handling of larger quantities.


Great tips, thank you!

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Hope this helps you

  1. First you need to follow Amazon’s weight and rules
    For US Amazon, the weight limit is 22.5KG, the carton size limit is 63.5cm.
    The product in a single carton cannot exceed 150 units

  2. If you want to sell a single product individually, you only need to paste FNSKU on the packaging and paste the FBA label on the outer main carton. There is no size requirement and it only needs to be clear and scannable.
    Send to Amazon

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