If a customer requests a refund claiming they did not receive the item and Amazon processes the refund, how can we ensure the customer is not lying?

Secondly another item was refunded and the reason I can see is “ shipping address undeliverable” what does that mean?

In both cases will the item be sent back to my inventory automatically or I must open the case to ensure?

In case 1. You cannot prove it unless you sent it out and have tracking proof and a photo. 2nd one is the shipping address is probably wrong.

2nd one you’ll probably get back. 1st one you won’t and you’re out of pocket

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I am afraid that’s Amazon. Customer is king. You will need to build it into your overall model for Amazon. I have refunds of 2.5% per year compared to 0.8% on Ebay. There are actually tik toks online teaching people how to get stuff from free on Amazon. It sucks.

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I had the same issue three months ago. It was an FBA order, and the customer address was undeliverable. Amazon refunded the customer, and the item never returned to my inventory. I started opening cases and received copy-paste responses from Amazon representatives stating they would not reimburse me. After a long process, they finally reimbursed me.

If it is an FBM order, provide the customer with a drop-off package. Write a professional email and keep calling Amazon. Unfortunately, it takes all your time and energy, but keep fighting for your money. As sellers, we don’t earn money easily. Amazon takes all our time to find the right product, prepare it, and ship it. Please don’t give up.


Speaking of “address undeliverable”. Can someone explain how only one of 2 sold items returns with that reason?

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Thanks a lot for taking time and replying in detail, should have been easy bring FBA as Amazon is responsible but its awful, and contacting seller support is energy-draining.

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You’re very welcome