I thought Amazon only accepted returns for 30 days?

Sold a £2k item to a customer. Bought on 25/7/23. Credit note created 16/9/23.

They bought a 10kg capacity mixer. Now they’ve just ordered a 15kg capacity machine. Clearly they bought one that was too small first time around.

I now have a second hand £2k mixer.

I’m fairly new to Amazon so any advice on how returns work appreciated. Also I can’t seem to access info on why it was returned.

Amazon dgaf, you’d be lucky to even have the item returned. Normally they just refund the customer for any excuse!


This is actually infuriating. This used to happen to me constantly but I sold cheap items for £15 that cost me £3 per unit so it was easy to forget. Sadly this is completely unavoidable on Amazon, even more so now that the eu and U.K. have made it law to allow a buyer to return electronic items for up to 1 year since purchase if it becomes defective (which Amazon will not check). This means that buyers can randomly returns items for up to a year from purchase. I’ve had one happen from 2.5 years ago as a personal best


Yeah figured with £2k items it might be different

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If the item is not returned in time Amazon recharges the customer.

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They recently refunded a customer because the “wrong item arrived” I only have one SKU. They have lost over £1500 of stock that they won’t reimburse me for because it’s older than 6 months from the invoice date, and lastly, their system failed to update a despatch status (I did update it) and have refunded a customer for an order I shipped and they received. Amazons advice was to contact the customer and ask them to purchase it again, however when they cancel an order, you can’t see the customers details, so they have stolen/given away my products. Dealing with Amazon is seriously and honestly having a detrimental impact on my mental health. FBA sounds wonderful but it really feels like Amazon has done everything in their power to destroy my business. How other sellers work with them I don’t know, it is just not commercially viable to work with them.


I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve got to sell fairly low value simple products and kits stump the loses. Therefore you need popular high volume stuff with a decent margin.

Fortunately 99% of my sales are through my own shop. I basically just use Amazon for fulfilment.

Although I do plan to put more lower value items into Amazon where I wouldn’t mind if the odd £10 or £20 item went missing.


This is the very reason we stay away from high ticket items.

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What I be honest I sell mostly through my own store and only wanted to use Amazons FBA services.

I think the solution will be to set the prices sky high so nobody buys on Amazon.

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Depends on reason they put for return. I’ve had items refunded over 11 months from purchase

Fair enough if defective but surely not because they changed their mind?

Think I’ll just set prices sky high so folk don’t buy through Amazon and just use their FBA services.

I’ve now also set up automatic removal address for weekly so I assume it’s as it says. Automatic?

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I am sorry, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s a good idea to sell a £2k item on Amazon, let alone FBA!

Amazon may approve returns months past the order date and will issue a full refund regardless of the condition of the returned merchandise.

Such items should be sold through your own website or eBay.

I would never sell an item with purchase price above $200 on Amazon. $50 purchase price is my max limit for FBA.

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