Has the algorithm change ruined our account?

We’ve been selling on Amazon for a year now. We sell OA and one brand from an authorised distributor of a very popular product across the EU and now the UK. We are 1 of 5 authorised Amazon sellers for this brand and have about 5 months of sales data for it to know how it performs.

Over the last 2-3 months our BB time has completely plummeted. It seems to correlate with the algorithm change and seller support is not helpful (shocker). I’ve seen people on FB say its happening to them as well with products they’ve sold for years.

We had the highest inventory, good feedback, shipped via FBA so had good delivery times etc. All the tick box things you need for BB were fine (including account health and IPI).

Account health was 308
IPI score - 670

In stock metric was a little low because I needed to delete listings that we don’t intend to sell anymore.

Multiple big sellers have looked at our account and said something weird is going on. Does anyone have any advice? Any support I can contact or third party who can look into it?

We bought 1 months supply almost 3 months ago and we still have loads of stock. We had to tank loads of listings just to make some sales at a loss.

This is happening to all ASIN’s, not just this brand. Our account health is now 298 and our IPI is down to 602. It seems our metrics are being punished for slow sales that we can’t control.

We use PPP but have tested multiple re-pricers to see if that was the issue.

Any help would be appreciated. Lesson learned not to scale with debt when you can lose control at any minute :smile:

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Hello @SeanyB,

thank you for joing the forum! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Buy Box rate plumetting.

As you have noticed, there has been a sudden change to Amazon’s algorythim in determinging the Featured Offer criteria as a consequence of anti-trust settlement between Amazon Europe and the authorities in the UK and EU:

This means, that while previously a specific seller was able to maintain the Buy Box on a listing quite easily, now they are mostly rotating the Buy Box if there are multiple sellers with similar metrics or price.

The only thing which now leads to the loss of Buy Box is mostly poor metrics.

My recommendation is that you lower the price - this is something that will be the most likely to give you the Buy Box in current circumstances.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.