EC Commitments: Prime eligibility, badge criteria, and Featured Offer

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Following the agreement reached recently with the European Commission (, which covers Amazon stores in Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Belgium, we’ll update the Prime eligibility, badge criteria, and Featured Offer (formerly known as the “Buy Box”) criteria in June 2023 across these stores.

Update on Prime eligibility and Prime badge criteria

Our objective Prime eligibility and Prime badge criteria will be applied equally to offers from all sellers across the various fulfillment channels (Fulfilled by Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled) and Amazon retail, independently of the choice of carriers.

To qualify, offers will need to meet certain customer experience requirements. These requirements are derived from a Prime customer’s expectations around delivery speed and reliability, tracking, customer returns, and customer service.

Additionally, for their Merchant Fulfilled Prime offers, Sellers may also use any logistics providers of their choice as long as delivery tracking information is made available to Amazon through our tracking systems and the Prime requirements above are met.

We’ll provide detailed guidance on the new criteria in the coming months.

Further details are available within the FAQ section on the Updates to Prime eligibility and badge criteria and Featured Offer selection that was announced on the Changes to program policies page:

Update on Featured Offer selection

As we strive to show our customers the best Featured Offer on the product detail page, we’ll continue to ensure that the criteria used to determine the Featured Offer are non-discriminatory and treat sellers and Amazon retail equally. Eligibility for Prime and the Prime badge won’t be a criterion when determining the Featured Offer. Prime will continue to offer free and fast delivery which are factors that customers value and therefore are relevant in determining the Featured Offer.

For more details on Amazon’s agreement with European Commission, go to About Amazon ( and ( and