FBA reimbursent for used items?

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Just seeing if anyone knows how to go about selling used items via FBA. I’m concerned my stock will get lost or damaged and I’ll need to claim a reimbursement but I’ve heard amazon can be fussy with the requirements. To clarify I sell used games and consoles and purchase these via ebay or in person.

I’ve seen Amazon normally just reimburse you the average selling price? Or do they require invoices to get any kind of reimbursement? And would a ebay invoice be accepted?

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Amazon has published guidelines for selling used items on the FBA platform.

Requirements for FBA products

There is no restriction for selling used games and consoles on Amazon. Your concerns over lost and damaged items is the same as the rest of us. It’s your responsibility to package the products so as to avoid damage in transit or being transferred throughout the FBA warehouse system. You can review the packaging and prep requirements here:

Packaging and prep requirements

I don’t know about reimbursements for used products that are lost or damaged within the FBA system. Hopefully someone with knowledge and/or experience will chime in.


Thank you for the response. I just went through one of the links and found the following:

If we determine that it is unsellable (defective or damaged, for example), we assess who caused the damage. Then we decide if you are eligible for a reimbursement.

A returned item is classified as unsellable for the following reasons:

  • The item is not in the same condition as previously listed.
  • It is defective, damaged, opened, lacking required labeling, prohibited, or otherwise unsuitable.
  • The item may pose a health or safety risk to our associates, or to the next customer who buys it. Examples of these items may include, but are not restricted to, consumables, personal care products, and products with expiration dates.

It sounds like if the customer marks the return as faulted by the seller, Amazon is not going to reimburse me?

Is it possible to obtain a reimbursement even if the customer marks the return as being not as described or similar?


If these are expensive products, it would be better to sell them on eBay.

Amazon buyers are not used to opened / used items sold FBA and you will be getting complaints


When returns are received by the fulfillment center they determine the condition of the product, no matter what the customer says.


“A return is an item a customer sends back to a fulfillment center. We evaluate the condition of each returned item. If we determine that the item is sellable, we return it to your inventory. If we determine that it is unsellable (defective or damaged, for example), we assess who caused the damage. Then we decide if you are eligible for a reimbursement.”

Not as described is a common excuse used by customers to avoid paying the return shipping.

You should remove all items that are deemed nonsaleable. If you don’t, within 14 days after being notified, it’s likely to be automatically disposed of. You can set this up for automatic removal.

Required removals

It’s possible that return is not what you expected, or you are not satisfied with the reimbursement, you can file a customer return claim.

FBA inventory reimbursement policy: Customer return claims

As a seller of toys and collectibles, we’re frequent targets for scammers. Because of this, we mark and take pictures of the items before sending them. If you become a target you might want to set up a similiar process. We called them “secret seals.”


Isn’t there option to have your unsellable products sold to liquidation as well? Do you have any experience with this?

I am sorry to hear that, you seem to know a lot about FBA.


Yes. When you submit a Removal Order, one of the options is liquidations.

FBA Liquidations

I was a pioneer on the FBA platform. A number of the features you see every day came about because of my conversations with the developers. Our business grew by 920% in the first few years.

That was the day…


So you work for Amazon?

Thank you, I located the settings now. I couldn’t find them when using the Amazon seller app.

No. I don’t work for Amazon. I grew up as an engineer in a Fortune 30 computer company, plus the nature of my business dictated the need for an Inventory Placement Service, among other changes.

The Amazon Seller App has some limitations. Better to do system related things on a desktop and/or laptop.

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