FBA products getting refunded

Over the past week or so I keep getting my product refunded, sometimes the name is total gibberish.

I’m almost certain someone is doing this on purpose to de-list me.

What can I do?

It might just be normal for Amazon. It’s generally a nightmare.

In about 24,000 orders on my own website I have had about 5 returns at most. On Amazon UK and US (which is significantly worse) I had 32 returns LAST MONTH.

The return rate on Amazon is just crazy. I dread to think what it’s like for clothing sellers etc.


But I’ve noticed, refund has a totally different name on the address to the customer account name, every single one. I’ve sold this product for 2 years and have never seen this.

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If you suspect someone’s messing with your product refunds on purpose, here’s what you can do:

  1. Reach out to customer support on the platform. Tell them what’s happening and show them any proof you’ve got – like order numbers and refund details.

  2. Keep a close eye on your sales and refunds. If you spot any weird patterns, make a note of them.

  3. Keep records of everything – transactions, your talks with customer support, and any proof you’ve got. It’ll be super helpful later on.

  4. If this keeps happening and you’ve got proof of bad intentions, think about chatting with a legal pro to see what can be done.

Other than making Amazon aware and having the proof there’s nothing much you can do at this moment…


Great thank you, I’ve raised it with Amazon now and will see what they say

Thank you

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