Customer returned a completely different item

This is really a rare scenario from me. I am doing FBA and have my own brand and I just received a return from a customer that is totally not my product. Completely different brand name, size, color.

I tried contacting Amazon via email first and provided the pictures and proof of what I have received. Support asks LPN number, order ID. The response was no help at all !

So I called them, and was asking on how to handle this or ask for reimbursement since it’s really not my product. Is there anyone who has experienced this, is this possible for reimbursement? and do I have to wait 45 days for contacting them again and ask for reimbursement or file a safe t claim?

So much appreciation for those who answer me all the time.

Just get used to it.

amazon and ebay policy enable those that do nefarious acts. Absolutely NOTHING you can do since it was FBA. Activist buyers know this and that is fact and use it all the time to get free stuff.

So many will tell you to adjust the price for the loss, that sounds good. However when you raise the price your sales will stop…

Your best bet is to sell direct face to face.

Around here vendors are getting small trailers like the food vendors use and park in the downtown area then drop the trailer off, walk back and open up for business.

You only need to watch them for a couple of hours and you will see more transactions than you will have on amazon in a week and for some sellers a month. It comes down to this, amazon sellers are lazy and get out of it what they put in. Those that are setting up on the street are actually working, hence reap the rewards.

Plus, your item stays sold NO CLAW BACKS. If you sell junk your locals will not come back so the junk peddlers don’t last.


I highly recommend you to first reach out to that buyer and communicate with him and ask him why he sent you that item.

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I cannot it’s FBA, i guess these are unsellable units of my products. In my settings, I set it to return to me

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Good move, otherwise you would might get kicked off off if amazon would have resold it to a buyer.

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As long as that info is sent back to Amazon (LPN should be on the item, the order id can be got from seller central by using the LPN number), and photographic evidence, they reimburse. I’ve never had a problem and I’ve had this issue a few times.


In this situation, you can request reimbursement from Amazon for the incorrect return. You don’t necessarily have to wait for 45 days. Contact Amazon Seller Support again, provide all necessary details, including the LPN number and order ID, as @AmazonUKForumRefugee also suggested. Explain the issue and request reimbursement for the incorrect return. They should be able to assist you further.


This has happened to me before as an fba seller. Open a case in seller support (if you didn’t already do that).

You give them your asin and say “customer fraudulently returned a product that is not my brand product. Requesting refund.”

The LPN number is in the return item sticker. Provide that number and a picture of the slip in the box, and picture of what was returned. I think max pictures for attachments to case is 3. It’s happened to me before. It ducks but I did get reimbursed minus the fba fees. (Grrrr)

Also no need to wait 45 days to open a case.

Good luck.

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Thank you all. I already did as advised and provided all the proof to seller support.

The issue is raised with the reimbursement team. Raise the issue with the removal team.

LPN, images and order ID should get you the reimbursement.