Can anyone tell me who foots the bill if an Amazon parcel is stolen and the buyer doesn’t receive parcel?

Is it Amazon or is it the seller?

Seller but if you can later prove it was delivered by using Track and Trace with GPS location you can put in a SAFE-T claim and get some of it back, not all because Amazon will choose the value of your lost product.


If a buyer doesn’t receive an Amazon parcel, it’s typically the responsibility of the seller to address the issue and resolve it, including potential refunds or replacements.


As you posted this in the FBA section, I guess you are asking about FBA. As far as I know, Amazon pays if non-delivery is claimed by a customer, although I can’t be sure of this. We rarely know when such claims are made so difficult to check related finances.


When you arrange a carrier to pick-up your parcel, which then gets lost on its way to Amazon warehouse, will they compensate you? Thank you

Yes, Amazon will compensate you for a lost parcel that was arranged for pick-up by a carrier. They have a policy in place to reimburse customers for lost or damaged items, and this includes parcels that are lost in transit. To file a claim, you will need to contact Amazon customer service and provide them with the tracking information for your parcel. They will then investigate the loss and issue a refund or replacement if necessary.

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