Are there any box size and weight standards on Amazon?

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I am about to make my first delivery to amazon FBA in Poland.

Is there something i need to know about the size of boxes and weights? They will be placed on a pallet afterwards.

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When preparing your first delivery to Amazon FBA in Poland, it’s important to follow Amazon’s guidelines for packaging, box sizes, and weights to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  1. Box Sizes:
  • Use sturdy, corrugated cardboard boxes for your shipments.
  • Avoid using damaged or previously used boxes.
  • Ensure that the boxes are easy to open without causing damage to the products inside.
  • Amazon recommends using boxes that are no larger than 25 inches on any side and no smaller than 6 inches on the smallest side.
  1. Weight:
  • Make sure you accurately weigh your boxes. Each box should not exceed 30 kg (66 lbs) in weight.
  1. Labeling:
  • Each box should have a unique scannable FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit) or UPC barcode label for each product.
  • Include clear, readable labels on all sides of the box, including the top.
  • Use high-quality labels that won’t smudge or fade.
  1. Poly Bags:
  • If you are packaging items in poly bags, make sure they are clear and have a suffocation warning label if required by Amazon’s policies.
  • Items must be completely sealed in the poly bags.
  1. Palletization:
  • If you plan to place your boxes on pallets, you should follow Amazon’s guidelines for palletizing your shipments. This includes proper stacking and securing of boxes to prevent damage during transit.
  1. Shipping Labels:
  • Amazon will provide you with shipping labels for your boxes. Ensure that you print and attach these labels accurately.

ChatGPT, which is where you get all your posts from, is wonderful but it should not be relied upon.

It’s a source of knowledge. No issue in it


Actually, I suspect that the tool’s entire purpose is for Amazon Seller Support and “Community Managers” to get the perfect answers for sellers - and in a timely manner.

Yesterday, Amazon announced a new AI approach:

What frightens me that the Chat formulates the text to sound EXACTLY how I normally write my posts. It may be the case that Amazon developed it after carefully studying my posts over the past several years.

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@Akmal - there is nothing wrong about using AI tools. They can help with answers to difficult topics and both the poster and the recipient can learn something new.

The best approach is to take something and then implement it to create a more personalized and helpful post.

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Yes you are right, actual purpose is to get the best solution . Thanks for your guidance. Regards

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