Any way to force Amazon to send me all returned FBA items?

I had a few FBA items returned right after the holidays. I thought I had it set up to have the returns come to us but they didn’t.

We just called Amazon and the rep told me that FBA items can’t come back to me. I know I have been told the wrong the thing before so I just wanted to see if there was a way for me to get all returns back.

This is an item that customers will mark on and then return and then Amazon is going to not check and place it back on the shelf and the next customer is going to be upset that they received a used item. I’m just trying to prevent that.

Depending on how backed up Amazon is with post-holiday returns, it could take up to a month to six weeks for returns to be processed.


We fought long and hard to get all returns sent back to us. We were told from time-to-time that they are looking into it. It never happened.

When a customer sends an item back to a fulfillment center, they evaluate the condition of each returned item. If they determine that the item is sellable, they will return it to your inventory.

In addition, FBA repackages your eligible customer returns so that they can be sold as new. We can no longer turn this option off in our FBA settings.


May I ask how did you manage to persuade Amazon to do that ? is there any setting or do I just contact the Seller Support ?

Unfortunately, FBA items generally can’t be returned directly to you. To prevent issues with used items, consider monitoring product conditions closely and addressing customer concerns promptly.

It was the hottest topic on the Amazon Seller Forums. I was the #1 contributor at the time, and they were monitoring everything that was said.

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Good to know. It would be great if someone made a help guide on how to persuade Amazon to send all of tour FBA returns back.

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All the pages would be blank. :rofl:

It’s really just a minor coding change. I could probably do it myself. We figured that they’d rather repackage the returns and put them back on the shelf. But, we all opted out of that service.

Now opting out is no longer an option.