Amazon refunds a year old FBA sale

A whole new level of madness! Check the purchase date! Never … Never … Never sell electronics!

Seriously they been in someone’s ears for 18 months and here you go, have your money back!

Think I’m going to order the best iPhone then get a new model every year for free… lol

This is why I am not really interested in electronics and video games. I have been scammed a lot with video games. People were buying the games then returning the case only, or replacing the CD with an old one and return it , or just playing for a few months then returning it back. So annoying

Some of their return policies (or no return policies) are stupid

Electronics sold in the uk have a 2 year warranty across the board. Technically Amazon/the seller should honour the warranty and offer a repair/ get it sent back to the brand on their behalf, however I think that’s too much hassle for Amazon to manage so they just go down the refund route. Would probably be a pain for them to claim from the brand anyway I guess as you’re the original purchaser?

Either way - just make the most of it yourself too! If you have any faulty electronics that you’ve bought within 2 years, make sure you claim on warranty.

Yes, electrical warranty is exactly why I wouldn’t sell electronics on Amazon. I’m sure most people have a positive experience from it, but I don’t like the feeling of having a possible refund for that whole period post-sale.

Lesson learnt and burnt, never again. Amazing thing was, 5 mins before this I had another email saying my VAT claim was successful and funds made available, then straight after I got this… amazon giveth and taketh all within 10 mins.

Exactly, and we wonder why shops are disappearing from the high street!! I would advise anyone to steer clear of non consumables but I know people have been successful, just not in my kismet I guess lol.

I am sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, selling electronic or any expensive items using Amazon FBA is a very bad idea. I would advise you to never sell as FBA anything that comes with the purchase / sourcing price of over $20.

Electronics are among the products with the lowest profit margins and I can’t imagine how the sales could cover potential losses due to returns etc.