Amazon is letting buyers return destroyed items

Once again I have gotten a damaged returned book from a buyer. Amazon simply says sorry can’t return it to you and I’m out of $88 profit. The last time this happened to me it was $100 profit. Why is it that Amazon never checks to see if maybe the seller is switching books out and mailing back their damaged book? This book was in very good condition as was my previous one. No explanation as to how it got damaged. It’s just oh well sorry you’re screwed.

Hi @Mildred

I sell toys and collectibles. I take photos of expensive and/or difficult to find items. I also use a hidden seal.

When a buyer requests a return label from Amazon, I contact them and let them know I am aware of their intent to return XYZ, and as soon we receive OUR item back, we will process a full refund.

THIS IS OUR RETURN POLICY (for whatever it’s worth)

Items shipped directly from our North Central Texas location may be returned within 30-days of receipt. Return postage will be provided by Amazon. Refunds will be granted in accordance with Amazon’s published Refund Policy, after they are received back in their original mint condition. This includes manufacturers sealed packaging, and sealed secret codes; as in the case of electronic pets.

P.S. The pictures come in handy if the buyer files a chargeback with their bank, or if you want to file a SAFE-T claim.


Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is withhold a restocking fee. Here you can learn more about handing Amazon returns:

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But not if you are concerned with your feedback rating. A 100% lifetime feedback rating is worth its weight in gold.

I get the Buy Box when my price is $5,00 more than the FBA seller. Buyers skip over all the other offers to choose mine.

That needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on charging a restocking fee.

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