New options to report seller-fulfilled returns issues

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

If you receive a return in a used, damaged, defective, or materially different condition, then you can charge a restocking fee from the buyer.

To charge a restocking fee:

  1. Go to Orders.
  2. Click Manage returns and select your order.
  3. Click Issue refund.
  4. Click Charge restocking fee on the Refund orders page.

You can now grade the condition of the returned item. On the Charge restocking fee page, select a description from the drop-down, upload a photo, and provide more detail in the comments text box.

This information will allow us to confirm that the item wasn’t returned in its original condition. It will also help us to understand customer behavior so that we can protect you and other sellers from future returns issues.

To learn more, go to Issue a partial refund

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