Zero units received

I am a new seller on Amazon, and last month I sent in my first inventory directly from Alibaba to Amazon warehouse where I was assigned. My inventory shipment tracking showed that they got to the Amazon warehouse and they also notified me that they were in the process of being received. Now my shipment status says closed but it shows that zero inventory were received. Amazon is now asking for the invoice of the units that I sent in which I got from Alibaba and I sent it to them. So Amazon have declined it because the invoice date from Alibaba reads a later date from when my units got to the Amazon warehouse. So how do I go about this because Alibaba’s invoice reads the date that I acknowledged that the items got to the Amazon warehouse which is 10/13/2023 but Amazon received my units on 10/02/2023.

Please help on how to go about this.

Your items are more than likely counterfeit, so bad even amazon caught it on inbound receiving. The date on your invoice is irrelevant, they are looking for chain of custody. Since you shipped direct your inbound address is more than likely on the list of problematic sources that are flagged automatically.

At this point just find a different product and ship it to your location then onto amazon FBA.

More than likely your shipment will not be released to you. So consider your self lucky that it did not make it to an end user or you would possibly face consequences much worse than losing some trinkets.


Amazon requires invoices to be dated on the day the item is shipped, not the day it arrives at the Amazon warehouse. This is because Amazon needs to be able to track the movement of goods through their supply chain for accounting and inventory purposes.

In your case, it sounds like Alibaba shipped your items on 10/02/2023, but you didn’t acknowledge that you had received them until 10/13/2023. This is why the invoice date is different from the date the items arrived at the Amazon warehouse.

Amazon is asking for an invoice dated 10/02/2023 because they need to be able to verify that you actually shipped the items on that day. If you can’t provide an invoice dated 10/02/2023, Amazon may not be able to receive your inventory.


Do you have any advice how to receive a refund from my supplier?

Wish I did, I would be a very popular person.

At one time aliexpress would support the buyers when the sellers would rip them off, not anymore. At one time I would suggest to buy from them and make a little less profit however in return you gain the security of being able to claw back your payment if not as described.

Now days, I don’t know what to suggest other than watch your back and if it starts to smell move on to another vendor.