Your ad has been suspended as it does not satisfy ad policy requirements


As the title suggests 3 products I’ve tried to advertise have been suspended for the above reason. I can’t see why this would be as there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with any of the listings, one of the asins is B01M0IZ1WW.

Here are the Sponsored Products guidelines regarding the allowed products which you can advertise and eligible categories.

Product Requirements:

  • Adult, used, or refurbished products are not eligible
  • Products that do not comply with retail policies are not eligible
  • Suppressed listings where the listing is either missing important information or contains incorrect information are not eligible
  • Where a product has multiple variations, only the variation (child product) is eligible for advertising

Sponsored Products is available for the following Amazon search categories:

While it doesn’t fit any of the criteria, I can imagine there could be an issue with it being a religious item… Also, it is currently unavailable.

Oh that’s odd that you see it as unavailable as it’s definitely active in my inventory. I’ve had a look and there are lots of Buddha’s sponsored so other people don’t have an issue.