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Customer Inform ACT!

New Law coming up in USA Recently a law in the US will come in place from 27th June 2023. It applies to third party sellers including Amazon sellers selling in the North American market place majorly the United States.

It applies to those sellers who in the last 12 months have sold an inventory of more than 200 units or generated a revenue of $5000 or more during last 12 months.

Due to this many people selling products might witness account deactivation risk notification when they login to seller central. Once you click on it Amazon clearly mentions to verify the required info which could be your phone number, address,

bank account number or tax information.

In individual case personal name, home address and name as per ID document is to be submitted in signature

The asked information can be updated in account information section after logging in to seller central Amazon.

amazon Seller Support Assistant

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Thank you for sharing. Strangely, I haven’t received any verification in my account, despite everyone else did :woman_shrugging:


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Mostly amazon US Sellers Receive this Notification

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