Your account is in conflict with Amazon Business Invoicing Policy


I am selling via Ltd company registered in the UK which is not VAT registered.

I received the following email from Amazon:

As required by Amazon Business Invoicing Policy, you must provide a valid VAT invoice (or a receipt if you are not legally obliged to issue a VAT invoice) within one business day after shipment confirmation for orders placed by Amazon Business customers.

**All Selling Partners are required to maintain an Invoice Defect Rate under 5% in order to sell on,,, and Failure to comply with this performance requirement may result in account deactivation. **

Action required from you:

1. You can download a report to see which orders contributed to your Invoice Defect Rate. Here:
**Amazon Sign In. **
IDR is calculated for each Amazon store separately, so you will have different IDR percentages and different IDR reports on every Amazon store.

2. Upload the missing invoices for orders listed on IDR report as a priority.

**3. To ensure that you maintain an Invoice Defect Rate below 5% in order to avoid disruption with your selling account in the future, you must use one of the options listed below: **

**(1) Activate the VAT Calculation Service and benefit from automated invoicing at no additional cost (recommended). Click here to activate: **

**(2) Upload invoices within one business day after shipment confirmation: **
- Either manually via Seller Central > Orders > Manage Orders > search for your order ID > Upload Invoice.
**- Or automatically through a third-party solution. **
Learn more here:

**(3) Selling Partners exempt from VAT registration in both EU and the UK can let Amazon issue receipts on their behalf at no cost by declaring their VAT exemption. For more information, click: **

I took option 3 above as I am not VAT registered. However when I followed the link above it just says 'You are not eligible for Automatic receipt generation"

Amazon seller support no help of course, just sending me round in circles.

Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Since you are not eligible, then you will need to issue the invoices manually, otherwise your whole account will get suspended.

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