You incorrectly selected the ‘Individual’ legal entity when you registered

Just over a week ago I got an email from Amazon…

‘You are currently registered as an ‘Individual’ seller, but your selling activity fits the criteria for a business/UK Sole Proprietor’. OK fair enough. I followed the instructions to change it, but of course, the relevant sections were greyed out / not there etc, so I mailed seller support and thought nothing more of it. Unusually I had no reply. Now Amazon has followed up with a suspension. I followed the instructions again, but this time it all worked fine, submitted and said something like all the relevant evidence had been received and to wait 24/48 hours. Nothing happened so I reached out to seller help, they immediately phoned back and told me to fill in the appeal stuff, which I did. Its been 48 since then – what do I do next?


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Regarding your question:

What happened to you typically follows once an Amazon seller with a large or pricy inventory registers as a non-business entity.

Since you already corrected everything, you will need to wait.

Seller Account verifications can take anything from a few days to months.

If you would like to speed up the process, you can e-mail [email protected].

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Hi Kika,

Thanks for your reply and advice. Its now 13 days since I posted and my account is still blocked. To be fair to Amaon 50% is my fault - I hadnt realised just how many hoops one has to jump throught to be anything other than a ‘private seller’.

Just another question - the email you gave me - is this actually the office doin the verification - do they respond in realtime? My delay is really because they ask a question for another proof of ‘x’ via performance notifications then a whole 24 hours passes before they respond, then i respond and another 24 hours passes etc.

Secondly are they happy for us to use this email?



yes, the e-mail I gave you is the actual department that handles account verification.

But account verifications are often taking months and if you don’t manage to achieve anything, the issue can be only escalated by e-mailing Jeff or submitting a complaint with the BBB.