You currently have limited access to Amazon selling services

Hello Amazonians,

my account is new and I intend to do PL, my products are ready to ship to Amazon warehouse but at the moment I get red alert saying “You currently have limited access to Amazon selling services”… Guess they want me to provide my tax information but the issue is, how do i go about it when I haven’t even started nor sell up to 30k as Canada law stated. What do i do please?

Again I tried creating my listing but it was halted…they ask for products images which i have sent to them. I need advice on how to move further please

Maybe try moving to China.

From the sellers from China we have looked at many are using bogus addresses that are displayed on the user side of amazon. Not sure how they have been allowed to sell, those of us in USA are held to a much higher standard than the rest of the world.

Pretty sure you will need some type of government issued credentials before you are allowed to sell.


Just Provide tax information like your tax id number.

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It sounds like you’re facing some issues with your new Amazon seller account. To address the “limited access” alert and provide your tax information, you should reach out to Amazon Seller Support. They can guide you through the process and assist with the tax-related requirements.

Regarding listing creation and product images, ensure your images meet Amazon’s guidelines, including size and quality. If you’ve already submitted images and are still facing issues, contact Seller Support for assistance with the listing creation process.

In both cases, Amazon Seller Support is your best resource for resolving these issues and getting your PL business up and running.

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I assume it takes some time for Amazon to flag these accounts. Is there a contact number for Seller Support regarding my verification, please?

They are intentionally slow walking it.

Look, if you were to list a nazi flag, your listing would be down in a few hours and your account closed permanently. That just proves they have technology in place to find bad actors, by their own choice they don’t take them down.


I believe that the reason why Chinese sellers are able to get away with providing incorrect / incomplete data is because they are able to either doctor-up documents so they look legit, or simply no one at Amazon can tell a genuine Chinese document from a fake.

If you Google let’s say “bank account statement template UAE” you will find websites, where you can generate a legitimately looking bank statement from an UAE bank with any details inserted.

You can get a whole set of documents within a matter of a few minutes, if you have some skills and don’t mind risking your account.

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