You can now set a window to auto-approve buyer cancellation requests

Announcement reposted from Amazon USA:

We’re excited to launch the Buyer Auto-Cancellation Window feature. This new feature allows you to set a time frame in which buyers can cancel seller-fulfilled orders without the need for you to manually process the cancellation request.

For example, if you set a two-hour Buyer Auto-Cancellation Window and the buyer cancels their order within two hours, the order will be canceled automatically.

If the buyer requests to cancel their order after the window ends, they’ll have to submit a cancellation request for your manual approval. Once you confirm the shipment of an order, buyers won’t be able to cancel the order.

Buyer-requested cancellations don’t impact your cancellation rate metric.

For more information about cancellations, go to Cancellations FAQ.

To set the Buyer Auto-Cancellation Window, go to General shipping settings.