Would you use polybags for this?

I design & manufacture leather wallets and sell them via FBA. I am now inserting them into black cloth envelopes. Do I need to poly bag the cloth envelopes before sending the product to Amazon?


I would.

If you ever have recalled your product from amazon’s FBA center it becomes very obvious they rough handle it.

Your product will look like a used piece of crap by the time your buyer receives it.

Make sure the bag fits well and the entire experience is positive. When the bag is worn it becomes obvious to the honest buyers that the damage was caused by amazon and not you.


Yes. @skeeter is absolutely correct. Not only should you poly bag them, I would get crystal clear poly bags.

I buy ones like these.


I poly bag or shrink wrap almost everything because Amazon warehouses are gross and they beat up merchandise. 


Definitely, plus the bag may have to have the suffocation notice on it


Thank you all for the advice :slight_smile:

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