Would you start a LTD for a private label brand?

Hi all,

I’m in the process of starting PL. I have a product, and I’m wondering if it’s best to start a limited company for it or just keep it as it is. I’m currently doing OA.


In the long term, it is better to keep everything separate (Ltd, Seller Central, bank accounts, etc.), but you could use the current Ltd and seller account to validate the idea. If you see that it works, then you can move everything under a new entity and Amazon account. At least, this is what I would do.

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Limited company is ok.

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Do it properly, get a limited company set up.

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I recommend using both models separately, but some of my projects are running together in the same account. There is no major issue with that. By the way, for the products you selected for PL, I can analyze the stats of those products and let you know if they will be good for you.

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Ok, that’s what I will do, thanks for your help.

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You are welcome

If we create two accounts, one for OA and one for PL, won’t Amazon flag us for creating multiple accounts? And if one account is at risk, wouldn’t the other account be flagged as well?

Yes they will be linked but is not against t&C to have multiple accounts but you are not allowed to sell the same products in the same condition, otherwise is all okey.