Would you go for google advertising or affiliates?

So…. Expensive, high end, well respected niche electrical products sold mostly through my own e-commerce store…. I have exclusivity in the UK.

Would you spend £2k a month on google ads or instead spent the money on affiliates?

Because my products are so niche I kinda feel google advertising is a waste.

Most of my sales come from forums and affiliates.

I would suggest going over your google ads and getting the search terms defined, negative keywords, locations etc so your not wasting money on their, I have a ‘niche’ brand and although our ads budget is set to well over 2k a month it doesn’t spend more than 1.5k atm due to the search terms getting it to who it should.

Once your saving there spend the change on affiliates, my personal experience of affiliates is mixed and have stopped our program instead gifting to influencers as that has been more profitable.


Yeah sounds like a plan. Yeah we gift to influencers an and then they get a commission on any sales. Works well so long as you choose the right people.

Are you not tracking conversions to sales with google ads ? Because google provide the tools to do that, if you connect google analytics to google ads.

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Yeah and it’s not looking spectacular although we’re just getting started.

I’ve had a company revamping my stores and sorting out advertising for the past 3-4 months and as far as I can see they’re doing a good job but my products are pretty niche.

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Run some experiments, different ads to different people, sometimes something as simple as that, shows you the issue. Change your keywords, work on less niche specific and product type keywords, and run an experiment targeting people. So for example your normal ad showing to a different group. Use AI powered ads. Lots of options that you can use to troubleshoot, and increase revenue.


Answered your own question but it’s worth testing both, but why 2K? Start with less or more but base it on sales % and scale it. 2K seems a number plucked from mid air right now


Well it’s krept up over time and got a bit out of hand. Feeling money could be better spent on affiliates.

I do about £400k in sales so £24k a year on marketing isn’t actually that much.

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That’s fair, but I’d defo start smaller and scale it, better to say 500 and learn then £2000 and spunk it, unless you are well versed in Google ads etc they will extract as much as possible and you’ll lose value at the start and bleed

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Yeah good call.

Our sales are very erratic from one month to the next so it makes it super difficult to tell the effects of messing with marketing.

We’re currently spending about £2k a month with google ads so I think I’ll gradually start phasing it out and spending that money on affiliates instead.

Amazon we’re trying to get me to spend money on marketing with them but I feel it would be a complete waste of time due to how niche my products are.

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Only one way to find out though sometimes

Yeah true. They were talking about £300 a day though which is insane.