Would love to connect with other FBA Sellers with great mindset who are open to learning and sharing knowledge together


I’m Matt, UK FBA OA seller. Started March 2023. After watching many FBA Youtube videos and trial and error, I’m now doing £2,500 per month sales.

Looking to build on this in 2024 and reach £10,000+ per month sales.

Hey, i’ve got a PL brand and I’ve been selling for a few years and currently doing roughly £1m revenue per year on Amazon.

I’ve been in a few private groups for people to share advice / best practice, online check ins / catch ups etc.

If you’re looking for something similar I’d be interested in joining.

My advice would be to only let people join if they’ve already got products for sale on Amazon, as previous groups I’ve been in have failed when half the members are asking questions about product research, and they basically can’t offer anything to the established sellers.