Would it be worth to pay for higher shipping in this case?

Hello everyone,

I need advice with the following matter. The production of my product is almost ready to be shipped to Amazon warehouses from China. There is an option for shipping that takes 25 days, so my product would arrive approximately a week before Christmas, and another that takes more than 30 days, so it would arrive after Christmas and almost New Year’s. The difference between one and the other is almost a thousand dollars.

What do you recommend?

thank you

Your shipment will probably not be received into Amazon and available for sale before Christmas. Save your thousand dollars.


2 things.

First, as @AmazonUKForumRefugee says, Amazon will not be able to check on your item that close to Christmas. Take the cheaper option.

Second, have some of the item shipped directly to you. Since this is a first run, quality control is important. Many factories send “great samples” then ship “terrible product.” Plus that gives you FBM sales while you wait for the bulk of the shipment to arrive and get checked in to FBA. (This is also a great plan to ensure inventory between shipments and keeps your sales ranking up and relevant).


I wouldn’t burn an extra 1k. January is still a good selling month. You’re late too late to capitailize on Christmas sales.


Once your inventory reaches Amazon warehouse it may take more than 2 weeks for scanning.

I suggest you to hire freight forwarder for faster shipping.

And do work on ranking, ppc ads management

Let me know if you need any assistance with amazon ppc or listing audit


It’s too late for you to ship now, so I suggest you choose a cheaper shipping option.

Even if you get it to the Amazon warehouse before Christmas, you won’t be able to get a guarantee that your unit will be processed as “available” on the 25th.