Worldwide selling NOT possible !?

We have a European account (amazon payments) with our own website, now … and i MUST be wrong (got this answer from support):

  • EU account can sell in Europe but not in the USA…can not believe this ?
  • Need a seperate account for USA !? (but you cannot get one if you do LIVE in the USA)

Even if we did have TWO accounts… how to make it work on one site !?
We sell wordwide, this can’t be true!

You can enable selling to the USA on the UK site no problem, but if you want to list on the USA site you need separate login details

NOT using AMAZON marketplace to sell.

Using Amazon PAYMENTS integrated to our own website to process payments.

Answer from support:

  • apply for USA amazon pay account ! (default is EURO but if you want to sell using USD…you need a usa account).

BUT that’s not possible: no USA precense (no address, no bank, etc …)

Looks like Amazon as a Payment provider is a Local provider and if you sell globally it is NOT POSSIBLE at all.

Don’t know why:

  • policy ?
  • their IT systems not capable off doing this ?

“For regulatory reasons we are not permitted to allow non-U.S. businesses to register for Amazon Payments. Inc in the U.S.”

So impossible to accept USD payments with Amazon if your business is outside the USA.

Many other sellers are able to find a work around and successfully open a .com account.
If it is something you would like to do but means using a different payment method then find an alternative.

Even with an USA account: it is USD, EURO and GBP (if you get a UK account).

What about other currencies and why is Amazon (one of the few) limiting currencies acception for customers (most other provider we use can accept ANY major currency) !?

p.s. how do you get around opening an USA account ? (without a local USA address)