Wise cancelled my Amazon disbursement


on the 04/12/2023, I requested a disbursement from Amazon which was sent to my bank (Wise) on the 05/12/2023. On the 08/12/2023 I got an email from Wise that they have suspended a transfer tor a sanction review as may potentially violate their international sanctions laws.

They asked me to send them a detailed reason for this transfer and if it is connected to SUDAN and to confirm why I am receiving or sending money to SUDAN, and then they sent me a reference thing and asked me about if I know that reference so I said no and replied back that could be a scam. I never thought that is something related with my Amazon account and that was the payment from Amazon.

Yesterday, I have got an email saying that they cancelled that payment of the amount of my disbursement and will be sent back to the account that transfered it, the reference was the same of the SUDAN thing. I don’t have anything to do with Sudan. Is Amazon sending money from SUDAN?

Has anyone experienced this before? I emailed Wise and I will call them on Monday if I don’t get any response. Any advice please?

Thank you!

Wow this is crazy, what a payment from Amazon has to do with Sudan ? Hmmm… something is very strange here .

First of all they could see that the payment is from AMAZON and there is no Amazon in SUDAN…Hmm…

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Check in your seller account where the payment went and give Wise a screenshot from your seller account and from the email received from Amazon…with 'payment on the way"

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Thanks for the advice ! :blush: I forgot about the emails, I will send them to Wise