Why does my income in my bank account from Amazon not match the selling reports?

I run the seller reports to get the sales from Amazon, and deduct all relevant fees from this. I then calculate the transfers Amazon has made for the same month, and it appears that Amazon are transferring more than than it works out in the seller reports?

Could anyone advise?

Amazon is applying a currency conversion fee on disbursements from a currency different than what is the bank account’s local currency, this could be the reason why your calculations do not match.

No this is UK, I run a seller report and that equals x amount and then look at disbursements and that equals more?

Amazon doesn’t do it month by month. There are reserve periods to take into account etc. Some of the reports go out of kilter when there’s daylight saving (BST).

If you’re using bookkeeping software usually the best way to do it is to set up Amazon as a “bank account” then have your sales going into that and your fee invoices going out. The disbursements are then just a transfer from one “bank account” to your actual bank account.