Why does it take Amazon so long to pay out money owed when they are quick enough to take their fees


I have just started selling on Amazon in the middle of January, The first sale was made & we never received an email notification.

This was on the Friday & as we dont work at the weekends didnt realise until Monday morning. the buyer was in France & as the parcel measured 1.2m which cost myself £126 to send through UPS.

Because I was deemed as sending the parcel out late my account was put on suspension,Amazon are holding £896.92 from two sales & have not paid me, the account balance is showing as £0.00 so what has happen to the money.

I have appealed the suspension over a week ago & nothing has been done or any messages received back.

When Amazon eventually get round to paying me what is owed I will be closing the account, their fees are extortionate & far more than Ebay.

There is absolutely no way of speaking to or emailing anyone at Amazon which is so infuriating

Here is a picture reflecting Amazon’s payments estimates, affecting sellers registered to sell on the site after August 2016: