Why can't I find my product under any keyword?

The listing is active from December 28 to January 22 in FBM (8 sales via automated PPC campaigns) and from January 22 in FBA (2 sales via automated PPC campaigns), several sold via the link. 5 reviews 5 stars. I created the listing using Helium 10 and it is filled with keywords.

I’m still running a campaign, but my product still doesn’t appear when searching for keywords - I’m talking about organic display because, according to the PPC report, the sponsored campaign was displayed 22,000 times.

You can check the 8 days CPR from helium10 for each keyword and you have to get consistent sales against the particular keyword in terms of rank organically…


It takes a REALLY long time to rank up good keywords these days. The default search by Amazon is now set to “featured products” which means only items with lowest prices, deals and high volume sales are shown. All other products are hit or miss.

Your product may be ranked for a specific keyword but not shown very much.


It seems like your product, despite having active PPC campaigns and a well-optimized listing, is struggling to appear organically in search results on Amazon. Despite your efforts with keyword optimization and PPC campaigns, it’s possible that your product isn’t properly indexed for the keywords you’re targeting.

Additionally, competitive analysis could help you identify areas for improvement in your listing compared to competitors who are ranking well. Continuously optimizing your listing, including backend keywords, and ensuring high-quality images and positive reviews can also impact organic visibility. Monitoring keyword rankings and being patient while persistently optimizing your listing are key strategies to improving organic visibility over time.

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For your product to be ranked, it needs some definite number of sales on a particular relevant keyword on a regular basis. Also make sure, the keywords you want to rank on, put that into the title because the title has the highest ranking juice.

I can help you to audit your listing and can help you to know about potential improvements, it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE so if you need any assistance, please feel free to contact.