Why are people this dumb?

Tanked the buybox over $100… for no reason….

Looks like he has volume to sell.

Volume so you drop over $100… makes no sense

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Either automated and he doesn’t know yet but will find out the hard way. Or just wants to get rid of inventory.


I guess he is happy selling this cheaply; however, there are a few factors that we should consider:

Maybe (I’m sure it is) the selling price of the FBA sellers is overinflated, and it’s not bringing in any sales. Therefore, others are not willing to sell just a few units a month at a very, very overpriced price when they can sell loads at a cheaper price, which makes more sense for them.

However, judging by the difference in price between the cheapest FBM and the cheapest FBA, there is a huge difference. I believe that this is a slow-selling product and most of the sales are going to the FBM seller.

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Depends. That 30+ might be 1000’s of them and decreasing the price may increase the sales velocity hugely. How many sell at $198 per month and how many will sell at $89

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They were selling at that before he just jumped on. I was watching the item already and it was released into stores like Marshall’s where he obviously shopped a bunch and then tanked the price. It was selling steadily at $198

Because he probably has 36% or more ROI which is very good, and he will get massive volume

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This is part of the business. tanking is a normal thing which happens on most of the listings and how to overcome this? hmm we can not stop this 100% but we can slow down a bit by using strategies like yoyo (price up and down) , multiple snoosez (i have 7) so 7 times a day the prices is going up by x percetange.

Be aware that listings which sell slow , have a high risk of tanking …usually the listings which are selling like hot cakes , do not really tank , or if they do for a short period of time.


Sell it to different market place, if u can.

At this price you can buy his stock and you will be profitable anyway :smiley:

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Not when I can source it myself for cheaper. But it’s not worth it. He replenishes quickly. The item just came out in Marshall’s which I think is how he’s sourcing them and which is why he is tanking the price.