Why amazon.in not acceping my SDS sheet

Anyone who can help me in sds sheet… Why amazon India not accepingy sds sheet.

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Hello @Rahulch15,

thank you for joining the forum. It would be helpful if you provided more information about the product which you are attempting to send into FBA. You can also include a screenshot of the Safety Data Sheet and any communication / rejection notice which you received from Amazon regarding the matter.

You must be seeing error messages or notes indicating why is the SDS getting rejected.

My product is Foam Shoe cleaner. Its an Easy Shipping i am not doing FBA.

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So, basically, you are still able to do FBM for the order. It’s just your ability to do Easy Ship, which is restricted.

Could you post here a screenshot of your SDS ?

Alternatively, you can still submit an exemption sheet. However, in order to be able to do this, you will need to edit and fill any unfilled fields in the listing details.