Who pays the return shipping cost in this case?

A customer from Austria bought using German market place and wanted to return the item without any reason.

So far I know it’s the customer since it’s not a domestic order for Germany.

All the info is available here.

You have to provide a return address in Austria. If you do, then normal return rules apply.

If you don’t, then the customer will get an automatic refund if the item is less that €25. For over €25, you need to send them a pre-paid returns label.

The returns policy for international sales is the main reason why I don’t sell anywhere other my domestic market, UK.

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A return address in Germany is necessary if this was bought on Amazon.de.

Amazon insists on a local return address for each marketplace to be supplied. Subsequently, they will create a prepaid return label for the purchaser. I’m concerned that throughout Europe, all returns are presently complimentary or potentially reclaimable through safety claims.


Should be a local return address in Austria which is where the item was sent to.

No, @PC_Parts is correct. The seller is required to provide a local return address based in the marketplace where the purchase was made, rather than in the buyer’s home country.

Since the order was placed on Amazon Germany site, the local address given to the customer needs to be in Germany.

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This is not my understanding and I will continue not to sell to anywhere other than the UK from .co.uk