Which tool are you guys using for inventory management and profit tracking?

I am trying to use sellerboard but its not updating my inventory accordingly and its displaying some listings that i deleted 2 3 years ago.

I am not happy with it.

Recently i have seen alot of glitches in seller board although I still used it but i am also looking for its alternative.

Main issue is fba fees as i have observe it shows more fees some times which are not even in seller central

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Sellerboard is the best to start your experience. Simple to use and all inventory and sales easily displayed. This is because you choose to import too much history

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I use seller tool kit and i am very happy

Sign up link for 2 weeks free + 30% off first month + 2 months of backdata https://www.sellertoolkit.co.uk

I also use sellerboard but I will give it up soon. it’s a waste of time . you can’t delete the products you don’t sell anymore, useless fees that I can’t find in SC and many other glitches. I will try the Seller Tool Kit soon.

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