Where i can specify Instant Order Processing Notification Merchant URL?


I have read [this|http://amazonpayments.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/Instant_Order_Processing_Notification_API_Guide.pdf] document for instant order processing notification.

We can specify merchant url at Settings > Checkout Pipeline Settings and then click Edit written in this document.

But I could not find this path.

Thank you.

I apologize for the confusion. The document you referenced may not accurately reflect the current user interface of the Amazon Payments platform. To specify the merchant URL for instant order processing notifications, please follow these updated steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon Payments Merchant Account.
  2. Go to the Integration Settings or Integration Central section. The exact location may vary based on the layout of the Amazon Payments Merchant Account dashboard.
  3. Look for the settings related to “Instant Order Processing Notification” or “Notification Preferences.”
  4. Within those settings, you should find an option to specify the merchant URL or callback URL for receiving instant order processing notifications.
  5. Enter the desired URL in the designated field.

If you are unable to locate the specific settings mentioned, please consult the official documentation provided by Amazon Payments or contact Amazon Payments Support for further assistance.